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We have a new self-help channel on Youtube entitled Mind Body Relationship. Join us, subscribe for weekly videos and if you are interested in being a guest, send us an email.

The Counselling House Channel

The Counselling House Youtube Channel

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Part of our mandate as a teaching agency is to provide counselling students an opportunity to gain knowledge and insight into the practice of counselling in order to attain their hours required to become registered therapists. Speaking of which…..

Say Hello To Our New Students!

Say Hello To Our New Students!

Our Services

We provide a wide range of services; mediation, anger management, family counselling, couples counselling, art therapy, hypnotherapy, weight loss, and many more.

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Our Mission

If we can help one person make changes in life for the best, we have done a life time of work.


We work with couples in order to create the ceremony and wedding vows of their dreams.