Nicole Bruder

Nicole Bruder

Nicole Bruder

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DipTIRP (Toronto Institute of Relational Psychotherapy); DTATI (Toronto Art Therapy Institute)
MTS (Tyndale Seminary); Certificate in Spiritual Direction (Emmaus Formation Centre)
SandPlay Therapy Intern (CAST); Play Therapy Trainee (CAPT)

About Nicole:

We all experience transitions and loss in our lives. Are you experiencing loss of a loved one? Grief? Empty nesting? Job transition? Spiritual seeking? Marriage, divorce, re-marriage? Pregnancy? Children starting school? Starting school? Changing schools? Graduation? Starting a Career? Changes to health? Retirement? Second half of life?

A loved one nearing end of life? Contemplating legacy work?

Having an empathic presence to accompany you on this journey of transition or loss can help to make the journey lighter, provide insight, enhance self-knowledge, and provide meaning.

My name is Nicole and I am a Registered Psychotherapist (RP) who is trained in relational psychotherapy and art therapy. I am currently training in SandPlay therapy and Play Therapy.

I take a trauma-informed, wholistic, strength-based approach to therapy and work with individuals from childhood to elder.

Sometimes words are not enough and creative approaches such as art, sandplay and play therapy allow us alternative ways to process our emotions. In these types of therapies, it is about the process not the product. One does not have to have any formal creative training. One uses one’s innate creativity, and we are all creative and unique! In the sand tray one creates by doing. One can create with the sand and with miniatures creating worlds, and processing within the tray. Play therapy isn’t only for children- adults can also benefit from play therapy.

I look forward to accompanying you on your journey of self-discovery and insight!

Recent Professional Development Courses Completed
  • Restorative Attachment™: Expressive Arts & Sensory Processing as Neurodiversity Affirming Practices
  • Collaborative Eagle Vision: Eastern Door by Life as Medicine: Circle of Indigenous Healing Arts
  • Contemplative End of Life Course by the Institute of Traditional Medicine
  • Narrative Medicine: Legacy Art Therapy Training, Level 1, Hospice
  • 2-Year Dream Work Program by the Haden Institute
  • Guided Drawing in Sensorimotor Art Therapy by the Institute for Sensorimotor Art Therapy
  • Clay Field Therapy for Children by the Institute for Sensorimotor Art Therapy
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