Coaching in London and Woodstock

 Personal Coaching

 Are you performing at your best?

Personal Coaching provides the opportunity to let go of personal limitations and stand in a place of spaciousness and creativity in order for you to achieve your goals.

Personal Coaching helps you get what it is that you want in life by figuring out what is in your way and how to get that limitation out of your way in order for you to reach your goals in life.

Improve the quality of your life by;
  • Creating a life that is centered in what truly brings you alive
  • Making powerful life choices
  • Selecting experiences you want most
  • Obtaining fulfillment
  • Creating balance
  • Enjoy success

Coaching sessions are based on the hour in person or on the phone.

Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching

brands together several influences such as Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Systems Theory, Process Work, Organizational Theory and Personal Coaching in order to unfold the power and potential inherent in healthy relationships. Creating cutting-edge relationship approaches in order to learn to navigate relationships at home, school and at work in order to build skills to interact successfully.

Focusing on connections and interactions of individuals with;

family, couples, business partnerships, teams and large group work to specifically build relationship partnerships and systems in order to:

  • Find out what is trying to happen in the relationship/system
  • Make struggling relationships great
  • Powerfully leverage change
  • In order to be aware and to make good choices
Participants will learn a range of skills to;
  • Promote positivity
  • Increase emotional intelligence
  • Resolve conflict
  • Uncover the power and potential inherent in relationship

Organizations, groups, teams – Specially designed workshops based on your unique circumstances.

 Career Counselling Services

Providing solution oriented services to deliver the most effective and comprehensive package for tailored career transition.

Corporate on-site
In House

Career Transition Coach
  • Coaching at the time of termination
  • Assessments to define talents, skills and abilities
  • Training to enhance skill sets
  • Mock interviews and videotaping with feedback
  • Image consulting
  • Strategy mapping
  • Networking and job search
Group Career Transition Services
  • Career transition workshops
  • Dealing with job loss
  • Designing a resume
  • Interview techniques
  • Image and personal branding
Executive Leadership Coach

Providing solution oriented services with high potential people who are in need of assistance to bridge performance gaps. Providing the client with insight and awareness needed to create a meaningful personal development plan with measurable goals.

  • Face to face sessions and/or
  • Telephone/Skype

Relationship Counselling

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide consultation, evaluation, and counselling for individuals, couples, families and children dealing with issues that are affecting their emotional well-being.

To provide a variety of counselling services specific to our client’s needs. Our counselling services are designed to help people become empowered over those issues in their lives they can control. Also, to learn how to move beyond those situations they cannot control.

Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling provides help for you and your partner and/or family members to gain new insight into the ways you connect with significant people in your life.

  • Couples counselling/marriage counselling
  • Couples retreats Individual relationship counselling for dating and new relationships
  • Premarital counselling/marriage preparation
  • Separation or reconciliation decision making
  • Affair repair
  • Addictions
  • Sexual abuse
  • Blended family and step-parenting

Family Counselling

Family Counselling is an effective way to help all family members to identify and understand problems and make positive changes that lead to resolution.

  • Couple/marital issues
  • Divorce/separation issues
  • Family of origin issues
  • Parent-child conflict
  • Anger
  • Abuse/trauma
  • Elder abuse
  • Conflict with aged or disabled family members
  • Grief/loss
  • Parenting skills
  • Communication difficulties
  • Power and control issues
  • Feelings of dissatisfaction
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If we can help one person make changes in life for the best, we have done a life time of work.


We work with couples in order to create the ceremony and wedding vows of their dreams.