Practicum Placements and Clinical Supervision

External and Internal

For external supervision for practicums elsewhere and internal practicum placements at the Counselling House
I provide clinical supervision for external as well as internal practicum students for all colleges and universities that require practicum experience outside of the school. Students that are interested in meeting the requirements of the CRPO (Registration in Psychotherapy), OSWSSW (Registration in Social Work), AAMFT/CAMFT (Registration in Marriage and Family Therapy), CCPA (Certification in Counselling and Psychotherapy) as well as CATA (Registration in Art Therapy).

In house opportunities to learn and grow in a private practice/agency setting.

In person at our Woodstock, London or Port Stanley location (or a combination of two or three)

And/or Online (in combination with in-person or stand alone)

Provide low-cost opportunities to a wide variety of client concerns and diverse population. Receive clinical supervision on an individual weekly basis which includes education around a variety of modalities, and indirect client work planning workshops, groups and/or courses.

Top Ten Tips for Mental Health Professionals Looking for Supervision in London, Ontario

#1. It is important to keep in mind your future plans for specializations, to match yourself with the appropriate supervisor.

We have:

  • Trauma informed therapy, CBT, creative arts therapy, anger management, addiction, depression, anxiety, emotional eating, OCD, pain management, sleep management, neurodivergent, LQBTQ2+, ADHD, parenting, separation counselling to provide just a few of the areas that we supervise.

#2. It is important to make sure that your choice of supervisor has scheduling opportunities that will be a good fit for you.

We offer individual supervision to match your schedule, be it weekly or monthly, with the option of being able to connect by email as need be with the addition of opportunities for monthly group supervision to add in to you roster as well.

#3. Are you looking for a supervisor that integrates modalities or are you looking for a specific modality for supervision for your clients.

As an integrative supervisor, we provide opportunities to explore all modalities that enable you to create your own “Counselling House” with each room as your modality and theory to provide a framework for your practice, whether you have many, a few or just one that you would like to explore.

#4. Individual supervision, group supervision, or dyadic supervision.

Individual supervision provides the opportunity for an individual focus, specific to your needs, whether the topic is client focussed, modality focussed, or administratively focussed. All topics are welcome.

Group supervision allows for many heads to have input to discuss topics brought to the group, whether that is to do with client concerns, workplace concerns, ethical or administrative concerns.

Dyadic supervision allows for two individuals to share their time with the supervisor as well as costs of supervision to explore topics that both may share to learn from one another.

#5. Supervision can be offered as included in work experience or provided externally as well as privately.

External supervision allows for an outside view, separate from the in-house complicating factor of being a-part of the system. It allows for a non-partial exploration of events not only to do with client concerns but workplace, education, as well as personal concerns.

In-house opportunities for supervision can be a-part of the payment process of working with clients so that the costs of supervision are built into the administrative framework of the organization. This can be helpful because it is a part of the process of providing therapy, and as such, there is no added thought required for meeting the standards of practice.

Private supervision provides the opportunity to be in charge of meeting your own requirements and even though there is a separate fee, it might actually be less expensive because there is no built-in expense to seeing clients that includes the costs of supervision.

#6. In person, virtually, or a combination of the two.

In person supervision provides a private experience very similar to in person counselling where two individuals can sit and talk, have a coffee, watch recordings, and have interpersonal dialogue.

Online as well as phone opportunities can provide supervision on-the-go and in the privacy of your own office so that there is no expense associated with travel and extra time commitment for travelling to and from the supervisors office.

A combination of the two offers the personal experience of actually knowing one another because you can relax in the supervisor’s office when that works. Also, the online/phone combination can allow the supervisor access to your space, providing a virtual tour to get to know you at a completely different level.

#7. Social Work, psychotherapy, marriage and family therapy, counselling, coaching, art therapy, child and youth, and Christian and spiritual care counselling.

Social Work opportunities are provided by a registered social worker (RSW) with a focus on clinical counselling skills, rather than just general experience of being part of an agency at The Counselling House located in London, Woodstock, and Port Stanley.

Psychotherapy provides a clinical focus on acquiring skills for qualifying psychotherapists, that can be provided as part of the internship experience or externally whether privately or through your workplace and can continue beyond the qualifying status.

Marriage and family therapy for those that are interested to be members of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists or the Canadian Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, to attain registration status is an added bonus for those interested in this area for specialization or you are looking for a supervisor in Ontario and you are from an on-line school and are in need of a supervisor to meet your schools requirements.

#8. External supervision, internship opportunities, internal supervision

External supervision is offered to meet your needs as you see fit.

Internship opportunities are provided in conjunction with our accrediting counsellors and therapist program (ACT), either as a pay for service or a by donation service in order to cover costs of supervision and administration. We also offer a combination of the two ACT programs to offset costs for you.

Internal supervision is provided as a part of the internship experience and can continue beyond the program. We provide space in our offices to continue with your private clients and provide supervision for you as well, as you grow into a registered therapist.

#9. Preparing for the CRPO exam.

Standards of practice are explored to make sure that you will be successful in order to pass the exam to move beyond the qualifying status for those that are on this journey.

#10. Ethical supports

As a registered psychotherapist and supervisor, registered social worker and supervisor, registered are therapist and supervisor, registered Canadian Art Therapist and supervisor, registered marriage and family therapist and supervisor, certified clinical counsellor and supervisor, certified in-training consultant EMDR, and member of the CCPA Ethical Complaints Committee, ethical considerations and concerns are a part of the supervisory process for important learning, not only to be educated in this area but also to provide an added support as to the complexity of the process of ethical and professional complaints.

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