Four Priorities for Busy Couples

Daily Quality Time

Eliminate distractions, set aside those phones, kids, the TV and the mother-in-law. Make time together a standing ‘date’ so you don’t have to plan it. Enjoy doing something fun and meaningful together so that you have something to remember when life gets in the way and you have trouble finding time to connect.

Finding Ways to Connect

Sending positive and encouraging texts throughout the day keeps you thinking of one another with a smile. Be creative such as leaving notes – either sweet or spicy – providing an opportunity for fun and playfulness while keeping in mind that the other loves you so when communications need to happen you know that it won’t be all about trouble.


Needs to be a priority! Logistical stuff keeps the household running smoothly and can be done on the fly, but also needs to be documented on a calendar of events so that things don’t get missed. Don’t forget to create time to connect for the emotional relational stuff also! It is important to have a time to talk about issues and share everyday problems with one another. Making time to do this in a safe manner away from prying eyes and ears is important. Keep it positive and encouraging though so that you know that the clarity you will gain will create lasting change to support you as a couple. Intimacy is in the conversation, so take a break to talk!

Take a Break

De-stress and de-compress by taking a much-needed break with one another. It doesn’t have to be big or take a lot of time or money. Taking a break gives you something to look forward to. Focus on you – focus on you as a couple – focus on you as a family. Important time to spend together, bond, and have something to talk about!

Marriage Fun Moments

  1. Send a sweet or spicy text on your way home.
  2. Leave a written note before you leave, sweet, spicy or both.
  3. Have an impromptu dance in the kitchen with a favourite sentimental song while cooking or cleaning up or both.
  4. Go on a spur of the moment date.
  5. Do something random and silly to make each other laugh.
  6. Stop chores for a short break with a freezer treat.
  7. Shar a favourite funny story of the day.
  8. Bring home takeout.
  9. Have a long kiss, hug or cuddle during a pause in the day.
  10. Talk about something you appreciate about the other.
  11.  Go for a walk.
  12. Say Offer a back rub or foot rub when on the couch.
  13. Meet up for coffee, latte, or an aperitif.
  14. Say ‘I love you’.
  15. Bring home a movie to watch together.
  16. Do a blessings moment before dinner or bedtime.
  17. Reminisce about a time in the past that makes you laugh.
  18. Say something nice about your spouse with someone else present.
  19. Wear something that the other bought you.
  20. Hot tub!
  21. Bring out some memorabilia.
  22. Genuinely compliment the other.
  23. Flirt with one another.
  24. Bring home a spur of the moment gift.
  25. Create the other’s favourite meal.
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