Theocentric Counsellors

Theocentric psychotherapy seeks to greatly enhance and add to the lives of those that intuitively know they have a greater potential within themselves to bring forth and live more fulfilling lives.

Theocentrism is the belief that God is the central aspect to existence. In this view, meaning and value of actions of all things are attributed to God. Biblical counselling is a processed of focused discipleship focused on the application of God’s word and walking in God’s spirit when dealing with matters of life as a whole. Theocentric spirituality is about being focused on God and grace, divine revelation, discernment and conviction that we are created in the image and likeness of God.

Spiritual therapy is a mind-body-spirit approach to healing that will support you in looking at the spiritual, metaphysical and existential meaning behind experiences and provide spiritually informed insights and tools for growth and personal development.

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If we can help one person make changes in life for the best, we have done a life time of work.


We work with couples in order to create the ceremony and wedding vows of their dreams.