Hypnotherapy and Meditation in London and Woodstock

Learning to make changes in our lives, no matter how small, has unbelievable ripple effects in every aspect of our lives.

Hypnotherapy is a safe way of bypassing our conscious mind and talking directly to our subconscious. In a state of deep relaxation, our mind will accept suggestions – that’s where the change happens!

A hypnotic state is completely safe; the client is at all times fully aware of what is going on around you, and what is being said and done during the session. You are always in complete control, fully aware and at-choice.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful treatment modality used in psychotherapy and health. A growing body of research now validates hypnosis as a highly effective tool for pain reduction, stress, anxiety, and a range of medical issues.

In the therapeutic relationship, clients access a peaceful state of internal focused concentration, which allows for therapeutic insight and higher awareness — this state of focused concentration is not unlike the brain wave state that is achieved in deep meditation.

In clinical hypnosis with a qualified practitioner, the client is in COMPLETE CONTROL of the entire process. You’ll find clinical hypnosis to be an extremely effective and gentle, healing tool for change. Your session will be recorded for you and emailed to you to assist you in feeling safe, secure and in control. Your session’s recording is then yours to keep for personal use at home and for continued reinforcement of the hypnotic work completed in our session.

In my hypnotherapy practice, I have assisted clients in the following areas:
  • habit control
  • public speaking
  • stress reduction
  • insomnia
  • pain control
  • fears, phobias, anxiety
  • memory retrieval
  • forgiveness work
  • decision making
  • resolution of past issues
  • smoking cessation
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