Spirituality @ Work Therapy

Spirituality @ Work Therapy


There are three aspects of spirituality.

1. Energy

2. Intuition

3. Creativity

We are energy and energy just is. We need energy to keep us going, and we never stop needing energy to survive. We deplete our energy levels constantly and we need to regenerate our energy constantly. Our brain and body need a certain amount of energy that is sufficient for us to be productive. There are many elements to daily living that help us to generate energy. In order to be able to recharge our energy levels we need a good amount of sleep. Good feelings generate energy. Doing something physical gives us energy. Having clear and positive vision generates energy. The weather can have a significant influence on our energy levels. The people that surround us effect our energy levels as well as the atmosphere in which we live and work. When everything is working well, we gain energy but when these things are not working in harmony then they can just as easily deplete our energy. We need to continue to deplete our energy levels because the more energy we use the more energy becomes available to us to use. We have more energy at our disposal then we think. When we enter into a crisis moment that tells us we need to act, we can muster up the energy to get the job done quickly. When you burn energy, you also create it. Spirituality gives us the power to use our energy, to do more, to become more productive, and the ability to access our intuition.

Intuition is a feeling that we possess within ourselves. This feeling just knows what is right or wrong for us. We can’t say specifically where it comes from, or where it resides within us. It is a spark that comes from within that brings new and good ideas to mind, things we hadn’t even been thinking about, or gives us a direction in which to focus. There are two types of thought processes. One is analytical in which every component is assessed for weaknesses and strengths. Intuition on the other hand is based in gut-feeling. Analytical thinking and intuition complement one another. Intuition is a little voice, or a little niggly that tells us to go left as opposed to right or vice versa. Intuition is built upon our ability to allow ourselves to be creative.

Creativity is the third aspect of spirituality. Creativity is the ability to see things that don’t exist yet and enables you to be able to make it happen. Creativity is based in the imagination which also generates more energy for us. The imagination keeps hope alive so that when times are hard and circumstances are tough, creativity and the use of imagination allows for persistence to keep the energy going to create a better environment. Creativity has no bounds and can turn weaknesses into strengths and beautify conquer most anything.

When you put these three components together, we are in harmony with ourself. When we are in harmony with ourselves, we generate new and good ideas. We all have these abilities inside of ourselves. We just need to be able to foster it in order to make the most of it. We have to be able to work at it to make the full use of its power!se.

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