Weight Loss Program in London, Woodstock, Port Stanley, and online

Combining Food Addiction Counselling, CBT, Hypnotherapy, EMDR and SFBT Weight Counselling in order to: overcome the past, establish a new starting point and create a life change to the future.

  • The Emotionally Focused Eating Program
  • Emotionally Focused Eating for Couples
  • Emotionally Focused Eating for Parent and Child
  • Emotionally Focused Eating for Teens

Does food and your weight control you?

There is something missing from the traditional and trendy weight loss programs out there. Until you understand the fundamentals of your thoughts and the influence of those thoughts over your emotions and resulting behaviours, your unhealthy habits will continue to be detrimental to your goals.

What the Emotionally Focused Eating program offers you is:

  • Group Counselling Sessions
  • Psycho-education and weekly goal setting
  • Individual Counselling Sessions
  • Hypnotherapy Sessions
  • Determining Dysfunctional Thoughts
  • Examining the past and preparing for a successful, healthier future
  • Establishing New Core beliefs
  • Healthy Food and Activity Challenges
  • Monitored Check-ins to stay on track
  • Understanding the connection between Thought and Behaviour
  • Creating a new Self-image and a new, healthier Lifestyle

Make the changes you have longed for and understand what has stood in your way to achieving a healthier body and a healthier you.

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Say hello to your weight loss consultants! Dr. Laurie, Christie, and Emerald will be available to help you through the program with any questions or concerns at anytime.

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