Supervision of Students

Clinical Supervision


I offer supervision hours to professionals and students looking to attain supervision hours to meet requirements for the designations: CCPA; Marriage and Family Therapy; AAMFT/OAMFT; Art therapy; Social work – BSW or RSW. Supervision is often sought out by therapists who wish to deepen and enrich their clinical practice and to provide additional accountability and quality of service to their clients.

*Laurie Ponsford-Hill is now an American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) Approved Supervisor.


Accepting students for internships, practicums or student placements, are one on one supervision, group supervision, on site, or can be organized for in your practice or remote supervision by phone, Skype etc.

Students and Practitioners are responsible for their own liability insurance, provide documentation of requirements needed for themselves and/or their program and must provide a formal agreement of expectations

Experience provided: In House

Opportunities to observe supervisors at work with individuals, families, couples, children. A wide range of presenting issues for client case loads of all ages and stages of life and facilitation of group work can be organized. Case notes, recorded sessions, role plays, co-therapy, live supervision,and groups are opportunities for supervision sessions provided. Special observational rooms using one way mirrors provided for supervision or research.


Supervision Experience with The Counselling House and Supervisor Laurie Ponsford-Hill

“Having the opportunity to work alongside Laurie Ponsford-Hill was truly a blessing and a great learning experience for me. Not only is Laurie supportive as a supervisor; she is a superb counsellor. At The Counselling House I was able to observe individual, couples, and family therapy sessions, as well as participate in co-facilitation. I was regularly invited to complete new client intakes, and had a healthy amount of my own clients to work with throughout my required hours. The Counselling House also allowed me to develop and facilitate a group therapy program which assisted me in obtaining the required hours for my degree.

Each week Laurie and I would find a meeting time and work through client issues, and discuss personal and professional development. Laurie’s flexible approach made me feel comfortable as a new counsellor, and her abilities as a psychotherapist were admirable to observe and gave me something to strive for. I would highly recommend those looking for supervision hours to set up a time and meet with Laurie. This was the perfect stepping stone into what I hope will be a successful career as well as a future counselling contact in the field.”


Ashley Hurst MACP 2014

“Completing my placement with The Counselling House has prepared me to enter a position in the private practice sector. Dr. Ponsford-Hill has an extensive list of qualifications that has been crucial in becoming trained with working with individual, family and couple clients. Dr. Ponsford-hill offers helpful feedback while still allowing you to become yourself as a counsellor. Dr. Ponsford-Hill allows you to become an independent thinker and challenges you to develop ideas unique to your own style of therapy. Dr. Ponsford-Hill positively stresses the importance of self of the therapist and respect in the position of therapist and counsellor. Working with Dr. Ponsford-Hill has allowed me to work independently, grow and improve my work with clients and myself as a therapist through exploring various theories, becoming aware of my own behaviours, and education on topics of therapy not covered in my education.”

Corrie Elliott, NCU Marriage and Family Therapy Program

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