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“Completing my MSW placement at The Counselling House provided me with the opportunity to balance direct client work while diving deeper into researching and understanding various passions I had including specific modalities, learning more about trauma and attachment, and understanding how to best work with various populations. My placement at The Counselling House included regular direct supervision with Dr. Ponsford-Hill, ample opportunities to create a support group with fellow placement students, and the chance to work with clients of all different ages, stages of life, and challenges that brought them to therapy. My placement at The Counselling House provided me with the unique ability to create a placement that met my learning needs, lots of flexibility to juggle placement and family life, and also supported my need to learn remotely during the pandemic, all of which I am extremely grateful for!”

Natasha Doyle

“I just finished my master’s degree program in counselling psychology at Yorkville University, and I couldn’t find a better place to do my practicum component. Dr. Ponsford-Hill is a passionate and dedicated clinical supervisor with extensive experience in the clinical field who helps students achieve their professional goals as a psychotherapist or counsellor. The best thing about doing the practicum component with Dr. Ponsford-Hill was the knowledge and experience I gained so that in the not too distant future I can have my own private practice”

German David Jaramillo

“My student experience at The Counselling House was essential in my development as a psychotherapist. Under the supervision of Laurie Ponsford-Hill, I was able to gain experience in many areas of counselling including children, adolescents, and adults in individual, couple, and family settings. My internship was a unique experience that allowed me to be self-directed and grow in my confidence as a new therapist. I was able to establish my own schedule which enabled me to balance the various commitments I had at the time. Furthermore, the other student counsellors and registered therapists at The Counselling House were incredibly kind and helpful, especially in terms of helping me find resources, working to become certified, and supporting me in my goals as a therapist. This also allowed me to explore the various modalities of therapy and create my own unique style. Each new day brought its own unique challenges, and I am grateful for everything The Counselling House has done to support me in becoming the best possible therapist I can be for the benefit of my clients.”

Janine Heikoop, B.A., M.Div., RP(Q)

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