Anger Management in London and Woodstock

Our Anger Management Program

Court Approved Recognized Anger Management Program for participants who are court mandated to take classes as a condition of probation, part of a plea bargain, or by their employer. An educational approach can be provided either one on one or in a group setting.

Each anger management program is structured based upon each individual client’s needs. Anger management is a ten session process which deals with issues such as;
  • Learning about the cycle of anger
  • Anger-related feelings
  • Anger-related memories
  • Anger-related thoughts
  • Anger-related responses
  • Dealing with physical pain, unpleasant conditions or social stresses
  • Developing new coping strategies
  • Re-building relationships
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Self awareness
  • Developing self-regulation

Corporate/Workplace Stress and Anger Management Program

This is ideal for employees who need a workplace anger management class as part of preventative skills training or as the requirement of a disciplinary action. Counselling can be provided on-site for teams and groups or it is available individually in person or by telephone counselling.

This ten session program offers the ability to;

  • Recognize stress and skills for stress management
  • Develop empathy and emotional skills intelligence
  • Improve judgment and impulse control
  • Develop improved self-esteem
  • Acquire assertiveness communication skills
  • Improve workplace relationships
  • Understand expectations and obligations
  • Develop skills in comprehension and gaining understanding
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